Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Our first customers moved into production use, and discovered a whole bunch of other things that needed to be fixed. So here's the list of changes.
  • Call control
  • Fixed search partner by any part of phone or number.
  • Phone Settings fields re-organized.
  • Cancel attended call transfer
    - this feature requires some configuration sync with Asterisk
    . See our Helpdesk for details.
  • Added
    contacts tab.
  • Fixed a security issue when PBX user was not able to see other PBX user extensions during call transfer.
  • Fixed a bug with hangup call on different tab.
  • Fixed missing cancel forward if caller is partner.
  • Fixed missing incoming call while Odoo is reloaded.
Agent options
The most important functionality of this release is the significant
simplification of agent installation
. It is no longer necessary to create an agent configuration file. Instead, the agent receives its entire configuration and is automatically connected and configured. See below the
Agent upgrade procedure
Screenshot of the new Agent options form:
Odoo - Asterisk 2024-02-25 11-51-30
Here are the details of the Agent configuration: See the
The Agent middleware
Intercom chat and helpdesk
Also added
Intercom chat support
directly into the Asterisk Plus application! Now you can receive a true instant support!
Odoo - Asterisk Plus Support 2024-02-25 11-40-56(1)
Also we launch the
HelpDesk and Documentation
portal integrated at The next step is to create contextual documentation so that you get help right when and where you are.
Call transcription rules
The first request after we released the
call transcription and summary
value added service was to be able to define exact cases which calls should be transcribed. So this release has this feature request done. See Transcription documentation on how to use it and configure the rules.
Odoo - General Settings 2024-02-25 12-37-54
Voicemail support
Now it's possible to receive voicemail messages attached to call history records.
Odoo - 261 2024-02-25 12-45-15(1)
Asterisk MiniVM application is required to be used in order to have it. No special configuration is required on the Asterisk side, just point your dialplan to Minivm apps like in the example below:
Also notice the Voicemail filter to check calls that came to voicemail.
Odoo - Call History 2024-02-25 12-42-47(1)
For more details visit our helpdesk Voicemail article.
Other features
  • Added a cron job
    Vacuum PBX debug
    to vacuum asterisk_plus.debug messages (removes all messages older then
    24 hours
    ). Make sure that you do not enable debug when you don't need it.
  • Added
    Dial Timeout
    option to the
    PBX User
    settings. This is used when you use
    PBX users auto provision
  • Added
    Installation Date
    parameter saving to keep the date when the product was installed.
  • Added
    user's phone in PBX Users list
  • Added a cron job
    Vacuum channel data
    to delete asterisk_plus.channel_data records older then 24 hours (by default).
  • Added new SIP auto answer header:
Bug fixes
  • Missed calls
    are now registered only on incoming calls.
  • Do not upload
    empty recording files
  • Odoo 17.0 write_date on bug fix.
  • Odoo 17.0 HTML recording widget fix.
  • Migrations 3.1 & 3.3 fixes when migrating from very old releases.
Agent upgrade procedure
Here is the main Agent configuration article (see the
The Agent middleware
article). So to upgrade you need to complete these steps:
  • Upgrade the Odoo module.
  • Configure Agent options in PBX -> Settings -> Server -> Agent tab.
  • Stop the old Agent instance.
  • Update your docker compose file and point it to your Odoo instance URL.
  • Adjust the Agent version to correspond to Asterisk Plus module version. Pull the image.
  • Start the new container.
Don't hesitate to request assistance if you have any issue!
This release contains bug fixes and feature requests from the first users of this product.
So, the new features first:
  • Added a selection to filter transfer contacts (PBX users, Partners, Both).
  • Show phone numbers in call forwarding panel.
  • The long name of the partner in the call history is truncated to stay within the boundaries.
  • Added recent calls view (debug mode) where only unique partners are shown.
  • Changed attended call forwarding icon.
  • Removed unattended SIP transfer button.
And bug fixes:
  • Fixed time zone bug in call history.
  • Fixed edit control focus issue.
  • CurrentController JS error fix.
  • Fixed component destroyed bug.
  • fix UncaughtPromiseError > TypeError.
Odoo - Discuss 2024-02-25 01-03-05(1)
SourcePBX – (16878) 2024-02-25 01-04-26(1)





Asterisk Plus Phone 1.1 released

As you would expect, shortly after releasing the first version of our phone, we urgently needed to release the next version, containing a number of improvements and fixes.
So here is the list of changes:
  • Multiple
    bugs have been fixed
  • Multi tab
    support added. Now even if multiple tabs are open only one tab rings on incoming call, but call can be answered / hangup from any tab.
  • Multiple SIP registrations
    mode option. Depending on your Asterisk configuration every tab will either overwrite existing SIP registration, or create a new one if
    option is set > 1. So multi tab mode is supported in either way if you Dial by channel or use
  • Added a startup check for
    microphone & sound permissions
    and a notification window if any permission is not set.
  • Added
    ring volume control
    . If you are a help desk operator and work with headphones, then visual control of the call is nearly enough for you, and the barely audible sound of an incoming call is what you might expect. Now each user can set a personal volume level in their settings PBX Users - Settings.
  • Phone
    icon is visible
    only if user has a SIP channel with WebRTC profile. So unprovisioned Odoo users do not see the phone icon.
  • Call popup notification
    was refactored. Now phone respects user's settings on call popups (popup is sticky, enable popup).
  • Attended call transfer
    using PBX feature added. The DTMF control sequence is set in PBX Settings -> WebRTC tab.
We continue to move forward.
Today we are releasing version 3.3 with the following changes:
  • Fixed a bug with PBX users auto provisioning,
    when changing other user groups would cause the user to be removed from the PBX User group.
  • The order in which Instance UIDs are generated has been changed. We used to use the database.uuid value from system parameters, but found that the staging branch in changes this value, making it difficult to test Asterisk Plus on this platform. Since this release we have our own value, independent from
  • Added processing of
    event with
    type, in order to mark calls as answered in some cases.
  • Removed the check to get a call record only for calls marked as answered. Now the record will be downloaded if the call status is Failed or Busy, but the record was activated and available.
  • Fixed bug with displaying
    recording icon
    in the call list for version 15.0.
  • Added wizard for setting
    channel transport
    for PBX users, now you can make bulk changes to this setting.
  • Added
    field to the PBX
    Users list
  • Added Server
    system information
    button (uptime).
  • Added cron job to
    vacuum debug
You can ignore this version if nothing of the above concerns you. But it's a must use release for those who use PBX users auto provision feature.
New features:
  • FastAGI support is built into the Agent.
  • User's personal numbers feature added.
So now when have FastAGI we can create more sophisticated Asterisk applications coding in Odoo! More example will follow later when we implement the first modules.
New features and bug fixes:
  • New option
    Server -> Starting Exten
    added. This allows to define starting extension when
    Autocreate PBX Users
    is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug with phone format.
  • Small UX improvements.
  • Added automatic user names conversion to english letters on SIP users generation.
  • Added automatic callerid number setting on outbound calls.
  • Added phone and mobile fields to the PBX user form.
In this release we launch our new Stripe based billing system. Our previous billing was based on Odoo's subscription module but we decided to switch to the Stripe.
So, the changes:
  • Launch of the
    new billing system with pay-as-you-go pricing
    model. Now subscription management is built directly into the application.
  • Added
    active calls widget
    for getting quick information on current calls from any place.
  • The Asterisk Plus Agent is now installed on the Asterisk server and has a auto configuration initialization. Please contact technical support to assist you with migration!
  • Added
    database index for call reference
    in order to speed up things on large deployments.
  • Many
    other small fixes
    and improvements.





Asterisk Plus 1.2 release

We are realising Asterisk Plus
Here is the list of changes:
  • Added support for
    Nameko based Agent middleware
    . The update will not affect running installations as all settings remain the same. Only new installations will have a new Agent type selected by default. So you can safely update event is you don't plan to migrate to the new Agent but... I would recommend planning a migration because new Agent is much more better :-)
  • New
    call status Ended
    added to the call status list. It is set for normally ended channels which had not attempt to bridge with another channel.
  • Added more columns (write_uid, sync_date, sync_uid and more) to the .conf file list.
  • Removed filter
    from the .conf files list that was selected by default when you entered Conf file menu.
  • Small bug fixes.